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Missing a city that will soon be home.


by matt bower

Marion Post Wolcott, “Frenchie’s Bar”, a cross roads store, bar, juke joint, and gas station in the cotton plantation area, Melrose, Louisiana, USA, 1940.
Source:  Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information Collection, Library of Congress

caught my eye every time.

Side of Rain, New York
i would be okay with a moss roof,

Last summer a bunch of the bookshelves in this part of the shop got rebuilt.  The good news was that now fancy old books aren’t getting covered in plaster dust and falling down and stuff.  The bad news was that in my capacity as Tallest Intern I spent several days climbing up and down a rickety latter and trying to not fall on the computer or, you know, drop a bunch of antique books on the floor and break them/get them all mixed up.

How do I have a such a COOL girlfriend?

Old Abinthe House, Bourbon Street, French Quarter of New Orleans, 1920s.
Source: New Orleans Public Library

The Space Shuttle Discovery, chillin’ over the Capitol. The shuttle, decommissioned last year after a long career with many miles logged, is flying to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum to become a part of it. (shot by @DaveStroup, ht @ProducerMatthew)

This is a sight that could change your life. If only.
I would consider Mont St. Michel to be a place that my heart is waiting for.

I hate when that happens